The New Demon Lord
Kanji 新魔王
Rōmaji Shin Maou
Other Names
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Demon Lord
Affiliations Dezember Zwolf, Elf November
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 3, Episode 25

The New Demon Lord (新魔王 Shin Maou) is the Demon Lord born from melding Rchimedes and Lake's souls together. He is one of the main antagonists of Chapter 3, along with Dezember Zwolf and Elf November.

Unlike fusion magic (see: Janujima), which is done with consent of both parties, the fragments of Rchimedes' soul were forced into Lake's body. As a result, the new demon lord had no memories of either Rchimedes nor Lake, and it was considered impossible to separate their souls back into two.

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