The First Great Mage
Kanji 初代大魔導士様
Rōmaji Shodai Daimadoushi-sama
Other Names Alba Frühling

Great Mage Alba

Lord First

Age ~60s-70s (at time of death)
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Affiliations Salt (of Elf's universe)
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 4, Episode 1

The First Great Mage (初代大魔導士様 Shodai Daimadoushi-sama) is the progenitor of magic in Elf and Alf's universe.

He's a very popular historical figure. Notably, both Elf and Lucop McGregor idolize him. The First Great Mage helped found Fruhling University and served as its dean. Both Elf and Lucop are alumni of Fruhling University.

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