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Teufel Diabolos
Teufel Diabolos.png
Kanji トイフェル・ディアボロス
Rōmaji Toiferu Diaborosu
Other Names Head Butler, The Devil
Age Unknown (Approximately a few hundred years)
Birthday June 13
Gender Male
Occupation Head Butler, Demon
Affiliations Alles Strahl, Januar Ein
First Appearance
Anime OVA 2
Voice Actor
Seiyū Hiroshi Kamiya

Teuffel Diabolos (トイフェル・ディアボロス Toiferu Diaborosu) is the Head Butler of the Castle. He serves the King.


Teuffel Diabolos has black messy hair that sticks up in many directions. His eyes are dark with white circles in them, and he has dark eye bags under them.

His main outfit is a butler's uniform, which consists of a black tie (in the anime it has white diagonal stripes), a white, button-down shirt, a red vest, a black jacket, black pants, and white gloves. He can also often be found in his pajamas, which are long sleeved, collared and button down

During Chapter 3, he became tan and much more lively after working with Janua, but quickly reverted back to his original appearance after talking to Alles.


Teufel's main trait is his laziness and the lack of any other drive. He is also a big procrastinator, as he makes excuses to avoid work due to the fact he hates to work and be bossed around. According to the King, he only works hard so that he could slack off later.



Teufel is a demon with soul manipulator magic; his magic allows him to manipulate souls of others. However, his power causes the side effect of stiff shoulders, resulting in his refusal of the usage of his magic if not given any proper shoulder treatment. His stiff shoulders do not necessarily stop him from using his magic, he just can't lift his shoulders up, and so cannot move his arms.

When equipped with Mana Maker-kun, Teufel is able to use his magic without the side effect setting in.


  • He and Alles were originally subjects to Hime-chan's powerdere abuse before Foyfoy came along.
  • He and Alles are "friends" with a money contract.


"I leave it to you." - To Alles