Kanji ソチ
Rōmaji Sochi
Other Names Big Sis, Ginger Ale
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Affiliations Couver, Van, Samejima
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 3, Episode 3

Sochi (ソチ Sochi) is a student at the Hero Academy who admires Samejima. She usually hangs out with her closest friends Couver and Van. She is a First Year being taught under Foyfoy.


Sochi has brown hair worn in a loose bun, gold eyes and a single distinct fang on the right side of her mouth. She wears a black jacket similar in appearance to Samejima's with a pink shirt with white writing on it. While on the class trip, she can briefly be seen with her down.


Much like her hero, who she will often fan girl over, Sochi places high importance in helping her friends when in need but will also rely on them at the same time. She does quickly become discouraged when the people around her perform better than her. She can also be somewhat bashful when it comes to compliments.


Volume 3 Edit

She first appears in the Hero Academy comparing test scores with her friends. Soon afterwards she accompanies them with the rest of the academy on a class trip to the demon world to meet a sealed Alba. After Alba's failed magic demonstration she is then trapped in the cave with Van and Couver. They find themselves trapped in the cave between a group of mini Nisepanda's and a large demon. She decides to take on the large demon herself and tells her friends to cover her back against the nisepandas believing if she fights for her friends, she will win. However after being Gouged perfectly in the stomach she was saved by Samejima just in time.

Later back at the hero academy, when Salt is discouraged, Sochi is seen attempting to motivating him by kicking him in the face. During a fight with Dezember she quickly overwhelmed him after putting on Samejima's school uniform.

In a flashback she is seen reading the "Legend of Alba" expressing a desire to major in "Samejima."


After receiving the school uniform from Samejima, she gained the ability to deflect attacks and became invincible.


Van and Couver Edit

Van and Couver are two of Sochi's classmates and close friends. They both show a deep admiration for her.

Samejima Edit

Sochi admires Samejima and wants to be just like him. He will sometimes come to her rescue when she is in trouble or appear to give her his jacket when she says she is cold.


  • Literally translated, her shirt says "person under heaven".


"Those guys are still behind us. If we leave them alone they'll stay Quiet, but our fight might provoke them. So I'll be his opponent. And I'll leave my back to you." (Chapter 3. Episode 6)

"if I fight for my friends, winning should be possible! Right!? Samejima-san!?" (Chapter 3, Episode 6)