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Kanji 鮫島
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Friend, Man, Student
Affiliations Januar Ein
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Seiyū ???

Samejima is the friend of Janua. He is a demon (probably) that uses his manly aura to help Alba, Ross and the others defeat the first demon lord.    


Samejima has red hair styled in a deliquent-like fashion and black eyes. 

He wears a black long sleeved short coat with gold buttons an open front that exposes his muscular chest. He also wears black pants that are secured by a red and white belt. He wears the white socks that the school uniform requires, which means we can trust him!

Aside from his way of dress. due to his Manly Aura, Samejima appears taller than he actually is, which spares him when Zwei tries to attack him.

In Volume 2 chapter 9 of the Webcomic, he returns with a clothing change. This time, he sports a black long sleeved button down, this time not exposing his chest, and black pants with black shoes. There is no mention of if he is wearing the white socks that the school uniform requires. When he appears again in volume 2 chapter 26, he is wearing the same shirt, but this time unbuttoned. In chapter 35, he has added a white shirt under his black button down.


Samejima is focused on being a "real man". He would come out of nowhere to help a friend in need, especially if that friend is in danger. He also uses magic, but his magic doesn't have logic in them.


First mentioned when Alba and Ross are in jail with Ruki and Janua , and Zwei attacks, impailing Janua with her tenticle, who is spared because of a dagger in his pocket, which was a gift from Samejima. This made no sense, as Janua was clearly impailed, however Samejima's manly aura protected him. 

He later appears in the demensional rift when Janua was brainwashed by Zwei, and punched the brainwashing away. He then continued with Ross and the others until the end of their journey. When they used Janua's magic to leave the rift, Samejima used his manly aura to take the other's injuries on himself. 

After protecting Alba from Juli 's attack, Alba says that his comment doesn't make any sense. Filled with doubt for the first time in his life, he collapses and is not useful for the rest of the battle. 

In part 2, he reappears at the soccer match after Ruki leaves to go get a stray soccer ball and is threated by September. He protects her from being killed and is no longer brought down by words such as "That doesn't make any sense." After aiding in the soccer battle, he leaves when everyone is split up, and doesn't return until later when Janua is being roasted over a fire as a marriage proposal from Hasegawara. At that time, he came dashing because he thought his friend needed help, but when he discovered the situation he did not get involved because he does not meddle into other people's love affairs. He did give Janua advice and told him that if someone confesses their love, regardless of the situation, he needed to be respectful and reject him. Janua takes this advice and accepts Hasegawara's challenge in the Demon World Tournement. 

After the tournment, Samejima hangs out with another one of his friends, the tournment's winner Mortemone the second, when he stumbles across the 1st demon lord, Rchimedes. This results in a fight between Samejima and the demon lord, during which Samejima gains the upper hand, regenerates an arm that was blown off by Rchimedes with a pocket watch from his old master, and punches the demon lord several times. Rchimedes then discovers Samejima's weakness, where he can only be injured protecting someone else and tries to kill Mortmone II. The tables turn, but all seems to be saved when Janua uses his magic and ports Ruki and Ross to the battle.


Samejima, though unaware of it, has the ability of "Manly Aura." This gifts him with several magic abilities, such as amazing healing during battle, great defense and the ability to get people to agree with him. He can get to his friends no matter the bondries when they are in need. This ability comes with a major disadvantage. The only way to deal damage to him is to attack someone else, since a real man is not affraid to suffer injury to protect his friends. 

He also has the magic to take others' pain in their stead.


His uniform jacket can sometimes block attacks and holds 163 watches from his various amounts of friends to protect himself. He is also shown later to possess a "Soul" belt with Janua and can fusion with him using the belt, creating a stronger version of the two's powers.


  • According to a scene in the anime, Samejima possessed the Manly Aura since birth. This also means that his hair is naturally like it is.
  • He repeated school 76 times because he always dashes off to help his friends in need.
  • He graduated from school in a day because he promised Janua.