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Kanji ルドルフ・I・アッテナ
Rōmaji Rudorufu I Attena
Other Names Cinderella of Love, Lolicon the 12th
Age Unknown (Probably in his 60's)
Birthday June 5th (GEMINI ♊)
Gender Male
Status In a Daycare center
Occupation Royal Soldier, Lolicon leader
Affiliations Foyfoy, Ruki
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actor
Seiyū Jōji Nakata

Rudolf I Attena (ルドルフ・I・アッテナ Rudorufu I Attena) is a Royal Soldier who follows the Hero Foyfoy to help him defeat the Demon King. But this all changed when he witnessed that the Demon King is a little girl and instead, he now wants to help the Demon King in restoring peace.



He is interested in lolis (young, cute girls under 12) and can get motivated to fight for them. As shown when he first met Ruki, he was originally motivated to fight before thinking she was over 100 years old, till her actual age is revealed to be 10 and getting his spirit revived. He is shown to have a massive crush on Ruki.  



Even at his age, he is still swift and strong. He can use magic due to the Law of Loli.


  • He has the Kanji characters 「ロリ魂」("Loli Spirit") on the back of his neck.
  • He can detect nearby lolis according to their "Laura" (Loli-aura).
  • He became the leader of the 12th Loli organization and became the Lolicon the 12th at the age of 32.


"The aura a loli gives off is called Laura." (To Alba in Episode 2)

"Fate is telling me to fight a loli?!"(Episode 2)