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Kanji ニセパンダ
Rōmaji Nisepanda
Gender Male, Female
Occupation Monster
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 1, Episode 1
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Seiyū Takayuki Kondō (Main)
Yuichi Nakamura (OVA only)

The almighty Nisepanda.

Nise means 'fake' in Japanese, and thus Nisepanda is literally 'Fake Panda'. Because people keep confusing it with pandas, they called it "Nisepanda."

It's also extremely popular.

Though not having appeared much in the main plot, its figure is prominent in both endings of the anime, and much featured in manga omakes and anime OVAs.


The Nisepanda looks like a yellow coated giraffe with roundish ears drawn out with the most simplistic style imaginable.

Narrator: "A long time ago, the Fake Panda's neck was short. At that time, the plants they fed on grew up to the height of their face. However, one day, there was a big fire at their forest. The fire burned and destroyed all of the plants they fed on. Indeed. Because of this fire, they were forced to extend their necks as a means of evolution. Because if they did not extend their necks, they could not easily spot the fire. Thus, they grew taller. Also, the food they recently eat seems to be Bentos from convenience stores."

Narrator: "A long time ago, the Fake Panda had long ears. Thanks to these ears, the Fake Panda could detect danger before it actually happened. The reason their ears got smaller was because they didn't need them anymore - actually, it was just a pain to draw the ears."


Although the Nisepanda appears to be exceptionally cute and docile, it turns out the monster will stop at nothing to harm you, going so far as to make cute "waaah" noises while pounding you into the dirt.


Appearing in episode 1 in a typical RPG encounter (modeled after battle encounters like Dragon Quest) it is killed off by Ross after having Alba half beaten to death in the OVA episode 1.1.


The only notable abilities, at least in the OVA, is its remarkable ability to beat the ever living snot out its target. This was seen when the creature beat the pulp out of Alba, using only its front legs as fists.


  • Takayuki Kondō is the seiyū of Dezember Zwolf, and Yūichi Nakamura is the seiyū of Ross.


"Waaaah." - (Episode 1, whilst beating Alba up)