Juli Sieben
Kanji ユーリ・ジーベン
Rōmaji Yuuri Jiiben
Age Unknown (approximately a few hundred years old)
Birthday July 7th (CANCER ♋
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation One of the 12 Month Demons
Affiliations Dezember Zwolf, other demons trying to revive the 1st Rchimedes
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Seiyū Daisuke Sakaguchi


Juli is a relatively young looking demon with blond hair, which is styled with a red hair piece so that it sticks up. Under his right eye he has three black markings. He also has pointy teeth.

He wears a black cloak with yellow trim, tied in front with a large white bow. Under that he wears a white, button down shirt, blue shorts, and tall black boots.


He has a nasty personality, killing whatever annoys him (except stronger persons), and rudely addresses anyone he talks to


he cool dragon bean :)

tried to kill alba like twice

also tried to kill ross

Its just what he does :)

Also: blah blah Dezember

Also: sharp teeths to bit people


He is a demon with the magic ability of turning some or all of his body parts into a dinosaur-like monster.


  • "Juli Sieben" means "July Seven" in German.


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