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Januar Ein
Kanji ヤヌア アイン
Rōmaji Yanua Ain
Other Names Hero 1, Hero No. 1
Age Unknown (Maybe a few hundred years)
Birthday August 1st (LEO ♌)
Gender Male
Occupation Demon, Tomato Farmer, Ninja
Affiliations Mii-chan, Samejima
First Appearance
Anime Season 1, Episode 7
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 7
Voice Actor
Seiyū Takahiro Sakurai


Januar is a demon with bobcut styled black hair that covers his right eye. His left eye is red, while his right eye is blue. He sports a golden earring hanging from his right ear. He also has a crescent-shaped scar under his left eye, but it's actually drawn on.

In his first appearance, he wore a prison uniform like Alba's. Later, he wears a black work suit with a pale blue under shirt.


Januar calls himself a ninja and calls all of his magic ninjutsu, even things that he does that seem really lame. He is good-natured at heart and so doesn't want to kill people.


Januar first appeared in prison for breaking down a whole building.


He is a strong fighter with powerful offensive magic and teleportation magic. His teleportation magic can allow him to travel farther than Ruki, but he cannot go between worlds though he can get into the dimensional rift. He has great strength, but his good-natured heart causes him to hold back in fights. His powerful Mana can affect the world around him.


  • "Januar" is German for "January" while "Ein(s)" is German for "One"
  • He adds "degozaru" at the end of his sentences because he thinks it sounds cool.
  • He went to school with Samejima.