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Haruhara Robinson
Kanji 春原ロビンソン
Rōmaji Haruhara Robinson
Age 29 (Born March 12, 1986)
Gender Male
Occupation Mangaka
Status Active
Links Twitter, Niconico

Haruhara Robinson (春原ロビンソン) is the writer, illustrator, and mangaka of Senyū. He is a rather well-known and prolific creator on Nico Nico Douga. While he does not appear in Senyuu's main story, he often appears in omake segments and volume afterwords.


Haruhara first published the first episode of Senyū on August 27, 2010 in Niconico. In June of 2012, He also created a manga spin-off of Senyū and serialized it in Jump Square (SQ). In August 21, 2013, a manga adaption of Senyū was created and serialized in Monthly Square Sirius (KC). The manga adaption is still ongoing and currently talking about Chapter 3 of the webcomic.

Other Works[]

  • Gakumon! School of Monsters
    • A strange comedy about a monster school. It is currently serializing in Jump Square as manga and Niconico as a video webcomic. It also has a rather short anime online.
  • Angel Game - Goodbyes and Pieces of the Future
    • This is a collaboration between Haruhara and Machida Toshiko. It is serialized in the same way as Senyū's video webcomic.
  • Hero Hearts
    • This manga is an action-packed comedy written and stylized very similarly to Senyū. It is currently serializing in Ura Sunday.