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Kanji フォイフォイ
Rōmaji Foifoi
Age 19 (Chapter 1)
20 (Chapter 2)
21 (Chapter 3)
22 (Chapter 4)
Birthday June 30th (CANCER ♋)
Gender Male
Status Left behind
Occupation Hero, Butler, Teacher
Affiliations Rudolf, Marl
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 1, Episode 4
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actor
Seiyū Kenichi Suzumura

Foyfoy (フォイフォイ foifoi) is one of the 75 adventurers labeled as Hero, taking on the quest to defeat the Demon King. He is accompanied by the Royal Knight, Rudolf.


He has spiky blonde hair and has a notable scar that runs across his nose.


He is a rather brash and arrogant person. He also gets annoyed when someone makes fun of his name.



He has a special attack called "Grausame Klinge" which is German for "Cruel Blade".


  • Hime-chan has a crush on him.
  • He's a Chuunibyou.
  • In the anime, when he first mentions his name to Alba and Ruki, they are both shown laughing at his name.
  • There is a running gag in Senyū. where Foyfoy is always that one person that gets left behind in the action.
  • He is old enough to drink beer, according to Senyū. laws.
  • He has a younger sister named Marl, who is very sick.
  • In Chapter 2, he works as a butler at the Castle. 
  • In Chapter 3, he works as a teacher at the Hero Academy.


"My beloved woman, Marl." (In his diary)