Februar Zwei
Kanji フェブルアール・ツヴァイ
Rōmaji Feburuaaru Tsuvai
Age Unknown (At least 200 years)
Gender Female
Occupation Witch, Demon
Affiliations Rchimedes, Dezember Zwolf
First Appearance
Webcomic Volume 1, Chapter 10
Anime Episode 10
Voice Actor
Seiyū Yuka Terasaki

Februar Zwei (フェブルアール・ツヴァイ Feburuaaru Tsuvai) is one of the 12 Month Demons and a minor antagonist. She initially sided with Dezember in trying to revive the Demon King for the glory of it, but later switched to Alba's side to defeat Dezember.


While being over 200 years old she has the appearance of a young red haired child with red eyes wearing a blue and white tank top and red miniskirt. A black ball shaped shadow with a mouth can also been seen around her.


Feburar has a tendency to side with whoever seems to be winning at any given time. She considers herself to be a "young maiden", despite being over 200 years old, and frequently shows clear signs of her old age like when her dentures will fall out while talking or her hips will begin to hurt. She also speaks with a verbal tic ending her speech with "-hoga."

Plot Edit

In the Webcomic Edit

Volume 1 Edit

She first appears to stab Janua through the chest with her shadow, but fails (handwaved to being due to a short sword given to him by Samejima). She then tries to kill Hime-chan, but fails due to misjudging Hime's proportions instead striking through her hollow helmet. Finally she is taken down by Rudolf who was distraught that the world would have him fight a loli.

Afterwards she is transported to the dimensional void and meets the first demon lord Rchimedes. She brainwashes Janua here but again it fails due to a manly friendship punch by Samejima that undoes the brainwashing. She is then knocked out by Samejima's manly energy. After leaving the void she is left unconscious during the fight with Dezembers's gang. She uses this as a guise to surprise attack Dezember by hiding her shadow in his "dunkel Heit" attack but this too is stopped before it even effects him. .

Volume 3 Edit

She is seen with a sealed Alba during the class trip to the demon world explaining to the kids about Alba's situation. She quickly tries to brainwash Alba to gain control of his overwhelming mana but Alba is barely fazed.

When the kids are transported to random places in the cave, she works to assist Alba and Ruki in locating them.


Februar has the ability to brainwash a maximum of 150 people when her shadow connects with an opponent. However, stronger characters can usually resist this effect. She can also control the shadow around her at will but can only extend it up to a limited range.


  • "Februar Zwei" means "February Two" in German.


"By the way, the maximum number of people I can brainwash is 150, hoga!" (Chapter 3, Episode 8)


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