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Elf November
Elf November.jpg
Kanji エルフ・ノベンバー
Rōmaji Erufu Nobenbaa
Other Names 42th Great Mage
Age 2437 years old
Birthday April 1st (ARIES ♈
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation One of the Four Great Demons, Great Mage
Affiliations Alf Parkinton, Alba
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Seiyū Okamoto Hiroshi

Elf (エルフ Erufu) is one of the Four Great Demons and is the antihero of Senyū.


He is tan and usually wears a green tank top with black shorts. He goes barefooted. In his original timeline, he had lighter skin and wore an orange turtleneck robe with a yellow button near the neck


Most likely an idiot, loves to pull some weird tricks anywhere at anytimes, even in the middle of serious battle. Can be very intimidating sometimes.


In the future where Alba succesfully activated magic, he and his friend Alf Parkinton traveled back in time due to a large meteor that will crush humanity. Since there isn't enough mana at that time, he, and Alf went back to the past in order to increase the mana in the future but ended up changing history as well as create a new timeline.

Volume 1:[]

Elf first appears when Alba has been left alone outside of Turtle, wearing a poorly-done Foyfoy costume. He's about to attack Alba, but then realizes he can't really see in the costume and gives up, stating that Alba was impressive for defeating him. He offers Alba a handshake, activating a bomb in the costume, which Alba deftly runs away from and Elf somehow isn't really hurt by.

Elf introduces himself, offering to help get Alba into the city, and dresses them both up like a centuar. Of course, they get thrown in jail the moment they approach the guards. After a bit of banter, Elf helps Alba escape prison by giving him the cell key (or a copy made with his magic) and changing to look like the hero so the guards wouldn't notice his escape.

...This idea quickly falls through when Elf decides to make half his face himself and half his face Alba, because "if only one of us were here, you'd find out about the escape!". He ends up escaping jail himself shortly afterwards and follows Alba to secretly watch the battle between the heroes and the demons.

When Ross is in the dimensional rift, about to seal Rchimedes once more, Elf appears as Janua (having copied his teleportation magic to get there) and interrupts. He urges Ross to continue so that he can get a close look at (and thus copy) his magic, but Ross attacks him instead, blowing away Elf's arm and stating that there's still time.

Volume 2:[]

We next see Elf exactly where we left him in Volume 1: facing off with Ross in the dimensional rift. He plays around for a while (bantering, pretending to have left by covering himself with a white cloth, etc) before eventually changing his face to look like Crea's in order to provoke Ross. This gives mana back to Rchimedes via Ross's negative emotions, allowing the demon lord to fight him off. Once Ross is kicked out of the rift, Rchimedes and Elf converse for a few moments, and Elf reveals that he was the author of the book about mana from which Rchimedes derived much of his initial research. Rchimedes attacks Elf, demanding he share all his secrets and information about mana, but Elf easily defeats him and kicks him out of the rift as well.

Elf sits back and watches from his personal dimensional space for most of the rest of the volume, hanging out with Zehn and seeing Juni Sechs off. However, shortly after Alba returns and Rchimedesis defeated, Elf has a revelation off-screen and his motives change. He digs up the remains of Rchimedes' soul, reigniting with the statement "lemme have a lil' bit more fun".

Volume 3:[]


He has the ability to imitate others' appearances perfectly. If he is able to observe the individual accurately enough, then he will also copy their magic. Conditions to this ability is unknown, but it can be assumed that this is the strong point of Elf's magic.


  • He speaks in a Kansai dialect.
  • He is the author of Rchimedes' Mana book 1000 years ago.
  • He is the 42nd Great Mage of his timeline.


"Wait! I don't look satisfied! This is how I look when I'm satisfied!" (To Alba in prison)

"I'm bad at 'not killing', ya know?"

"If you're a man, y'all should wear tank tops."

"Sure, My plan failed. But my efforts wasn't in vain.. was it, Alf?" (To himself before dying)