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Kanji クレア
Rōmaji Kurea
Age Unknown
Birthday April 5 (ARIES ♈)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Orphan, Demon Lord, Adventurer
Affiliations Ross, Rchimedes,Cecily
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 2, Episode 19
Voice Actor
Seiyū Yonaga Tsubasa

Crea (クレア Kurea) is an adventurer and Ross's best friend. He is one of the villagers from Originia.


As a child in the Originia flashback, Crea has short, messy, dark brown hair. His eyes are wide and bright blue. He wears a white shirt with a black jacket sewn to his shoulders like a cape, and has yellow shorts. A white bandage covers his nose, the reason for it is unexplained.

When he initially gets his body back from Rchimedes in Volume 2, he has very messy and somewhat spiky black and white (questionably blue) hair. He was given the shorts and shirt from Alba's Maou outfit, so he wears a red shirt with a popped collar and green shorts.

In Volume 3, Crea retains the hair. He now wears a dusty beige shirt, black shorts, and has a black bag with an over-the-shoulder strap on his back.


Crea is very excited and bubbly, to say the least. He seems to be fascinated by most things, and willing to try anything new. Though he is generally very dense, he has moments of clarity and perception, like when he pointed out Alba's belts or judged Foyfoy's willpower to stop Lake. Like a child, he sees things differently than everyone else and will likely always speak his mind.


Volume 2[]

Crea is first introduced in a flashback when Alba visits the ruins of Originia, and the old man there shows Alba the past of the village. Crea was friends with Ross (then Shion) when they were both children, and though he was often the subject of Ross's cruel pranks much like Alba would later be, Crea would sooner laugh them off than tsukkomi. He also, in a conversation a while before the flashback, came up with the name 'Ross' and described it as a soldier who threw away his old name.

Crea reveals to Ross that he has been helping Rchimedes gather ingredients for his latest experiment, and the two of them go out to gather the final ingredient together. On the way to the temple where the ingredient is supposed to be, Crea gifts Ross what would later become known as the symbol of the hero Creasion, which Ross promptly throws away, stating that he's happy. When they arrive at the temple, Crea is stabbed through the torso from behind by Rchimedes, who had been laying in wait, thus creating the final ingredient for mana maker-kun: negative emotions (ma).

Crea does not die from this, awakened to his own mana after being close to the activated mana maker-kun, and wakes up a little bit after Rchimedes leaves. The mark of the hero on his left hand was a result of his newfound mana, and when he sees Ross's dead body (missing his left arm and leg) he uses magic to give his own arm and leg to Ross before chasing after Rchimedes. Impressed with Crea's potential for magic, Rchimedes uses magic to possess Crea and fix his arm and leg, his eyes turning red as a sign of possession.

At some point after then, Rchimedes dyes Crea's hair color to be black and white.

After Rchimedes is finally defeated and removed from Crea's body, he makes a nonchalant reunion with Ross and the two of them depart to travel the world together.

Volume 3[]

Volume 0[]



Crea is Ross's best friend. Ross seems willing to go to any length to make Crea happy, and seemed dedicated to their childhood dream of travelling the world together. Ross mentions that he's happy with a simple life with Crea at his side, but gets very prickly when Crea mentions that he feels the same. It's likely that Crea looks up to him as well, as he copies Ross's keigo to try and make a good first impression on Elf.


Crea probably looked up to Rchimedes as well and saw him as his family. He calls him 'Uncle' in the flashback scene. It's hard to say how Rchimedes felt about Crea, but in the end he still saw him as an object referring to Crea's existence more as a thing when he hijacked his body. Crea never really addresses how he feels about Rchimedes after the fact.




  • His catchphrase is "Seriously?! That's amazing!!" and varying translations.
  • His name is often translated as Claire.
  • Crea (physically) is about two or three years older than Ross, having been able to walk and speak when Ross was still an infant.
  • Crea came up with the name 'Ross'.


"You don't have the strength to stop him after all." (Chapter 3, Episode 2)