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Kanji シシリー
Rōmaji Shishirii
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Housewife (?)
Affiliations Rchimedes, Ross, Lake, Crea
First Appearance
Webcomic Chapter 3, Episode 15
Voice Actor

Cecily (シシリー Shishirii) is one of the Originia villagers, the wife of Rchimedes, and the mother of Ross and Lake.


Cecily is a woman of probably average height and unknown age. She has blonde hair done up in a ponytail that varies in length and style from scene to scene. Her bangs are parted and they drop over her ears. It is likely that she was intended to have a long ponytail in the past, and a short one in the present scenes...

Her eyes are large and bright red.

She wears a totally black knee-length dress with sleeves that also vary in length. Also black boots.

am i throwing shade?


Cecily is a very dedicated mother, it could be said. She has a fierce personality and would probably protect her children to the death. Gets lonely very easily.

She seems rather popular with the people of the village she lives in.


Volume 3[]

Volume 0[]



She is Rchimedes' wife. Cecily scolded him quite often for his research and clearly meant to mock his actual societal merit. It is however clear that she loves and respects him quite a bit. When given the option to see him again, it seemed likely that nothing would stop her.


She is Ross's mother. He was just a baby when she disappeared, so he doesn't exactly remember her at all, but he's said to cook just like her. However, she recognized him immediately, even having grown up, so it's likely she thought about him very often afterwards. Cecily quickly became just as possessive of him as she is of Lake.


She is Lake's mother. As he was her only surviving child for quite a while and likely her only persisting social contact for many years, she is possessive and controlling of his habits and interests. He doesn't seem to really mind. But when it comes to his friendships and his determination, she supports him entirely.


Cecily probably doesn't even know who this guy is, and likely never finds out. But for being Rchimedes's wife, he seems to have some kind of respect for her, even if he attempts to use her as a means to an end.


Like any good hospitable lady, Cecily warmly welcomes Alf into her home, as he seems stranded and confused. Alf is taken by her kindness and falls in love with her. She seems really put off by his advances, but accepts them in kind nevertheless, as if not to offend him.


Has no magic or combat skills, but is probably effective at using a knife! Her cooking is said to be extremely good.



"I will not let my children play with a little rascal like you!!" (Chapter 3, Episode 18)