Alles Strahl
Kanji アレス・シュトラール
Rōmaji Aresu Shutoraaru
Other Names Chief Maid, Hero No. 76
Age Above 20 years old
Birthday October 28
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Chief Maid
Affiliations Hime-chan, Teufel Diabolos
First Appearance
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actor
Seiyū Yumi Uchiyama

Alles Strahl (アレス・シュトラール Aresu Shutoraaru) or Ares is the Chief Maid of the Castle and Hime's best friend. Her self-proclaimed title is "Hero no. 76".


She has azure hair and blue eyes. She wears a white hair tie that wraps around the left part of her hair and dark blue ball stud earrings. Her outfit consists of a green sleeveless overcoat, a black thin strap tank top, a light brown belt, blue shorts, and black boots. She carries a hammer with a drill point.


Ares is very outgoing and likes to make decisions on her own. She likes to say whatever comes to her head, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. She is also very greedy, creating a "friendship" with Diabolos for 25,000 currency units. With the exception of Hime-chan, she makes fun of everyone at their expense, however she is shown to deliberately make embarrassing comments that regard Hime-chan's crush on Foyfoy.



Despite her looks, Alles is very clever, as she had taken advantage of Diabolos' situation to earn some money. She is also pretty strong, as she could swing around her drill hammer normally and defeat monsters.


  • Alles Strahl means "All Ray(of Light)" in German.
  • She resembles Sinon from Sword Art Online.


"30,000... 25,000... ok." (To Diabolos before fighing)